The Ideas Exchange is many things. It is a discussion forum, a think tank, an education centre – in short, a platform for professional development.

What Ideas Exchange members have in common is the desire to be in a continuous state of self-improvement. They hold monthly meetings to share new ideas, skills and information. Meetings are structured, topical and purposeful, with the opportunity to hear and learn from influential guest speakers with diverse, but relevant, expertise. The aim is to keep group members at the top of their game – personally and professionally. Ideas Exchange members firmly believe that this mindset enables them to provide the very best advisory and information services to their clients.

The combined membership of 45 business owners and decision makers is a rich seam of business acumen and life experience. Thus, membership of the Ideas Exchange provides each individual member with a broader platform of knowledge and support than could be derived solely from their own experiences.

The Ideas Exchange is inclusive - across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. Members defend the right of all comers to respectful free-speech. Indeed, the Exchange celebrates multiple approaches and points of view in the belief that diversity creates an environment where thought is provoked and innovation is stimulated.