The Ideas Exchange runs on an annual subscription basis and membership is by invitation only. There are two types of membership: ‘Full‘ and ‘Alumni‘.

‘Full membership‘ is limited to 36 individuals. The fact that the community is so closely-knit allows members to obtain a deeper understanding of each other and the limit on numbers ensures that meetings can be structured to allow meaningful engagement from all.

Full membership is restricted to owners and decision makers of financial planning firms who target and serve the more complex client community, most notably High Net Worth individuals. Members operate from stand-alone professional premises and share a culture of high-quality advice based upon robust practices, including system diagnostics and tools, detailed due diligence and research and behavioural psychology.

The vast majority of members are independently registered with the FCA and use the disciplines of new model advisers, including networking, use of 3rd party services and referrals, WRAPs, platforms, diagnostic and reporting programmes.

Ideas Exchange ‘Alumni‘ are former ‘Full‘ Members who are at a stage of life where they are stepping down from business ownership and control. Whilst still involved in the financial services business, they are no longer active decision-makers. Nevertheless, the Ideas Exchange continues to value the contribution made by its Alumni. Their experiences over a lifetime are seen as a rich vein of knowledge which they are happy to share, in the spirit of education, to the great benefit of younger members.

A photograph of our current membership may be seen here