The Ideas Exchange membership has an insatiable appetite for hearing new ideas and learning skills that will lead to professional improvement. Members constantly seek new stimulus and input from external experts in many fields.

To satisfy this insatiable appetite, the Ideas Exchange programme coordinator positively encourages contact from experts who would be prepared to run a one-hour education session designed to improve any aspect of personal, business or client facing skills.

Speakers at the Ideas Exchange get the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to present their ideas/skills/cutting edge content to an enthusiastic group of industry influencers representing 45 businesses.
  • The opportunity (if desired) to use this audience as a sounding board where presentation content can be tried out and constructive feedback obtained.
  • A warm welcome, lively debate and a delicious breakfast (the latter applies only to face-to-face meetings!)
  • Referrals and contracts. Speakers who have addressed the Ideas Exchange have on average obtained several further presentation opportunities with connected businesses.

If you represent a business with specialist knowledge or some life-improving skill or business aid, please do not hesitate to get in touch, using the contact information below;

Secretary Email - johnturton123@gmail.com

Secretary Telephone - 0741 225 0002

Feedback from previous guest speakers at the Ideas Exchange has been very positive, as can be seen from some of our the testimonials below:

..the venue was excellent and the group was very high quality, challenging and open to new ideas

  • CASS Business School

I had the pleasure of joining this group of advisers and from the very first minute was made extremely welcome They are an incredibly knowledgeable group, both in terms of their financial expertise but also in the softer very important aspects of dealing with complex client financial affairs. Many thanks for allowing me the pleasure of joining you and sharing your expertise with me, a truly uplifting experience.

  • Stay Private

I’ve rarely come across a group of well intentioned, friendly and knowledgeable advisers. The morning I spent in the company of the West End Planners was enjoyable, interesting and valuable. I just hope they got as much from me, as I did from them!

  • The Yard Stick Agency

A really impressive group; all that knowledge, experience and insights in one place, with a format that encourages discussion and debate across a wide range of topics ensured it was an extremely valuable morning for me. I’d love to attend again!

  • The Lang Cat

Thank you for the opportunity to present to your forum yesterday, the quality of your members and your overall organisation was excellent and I very much enjoyed attending

  • Dynamic Planner

The West End Brokers Group Meeting provides an excellent opportunity to meet with representatives of forward thinking and very high calibre advisory businesses. The meeting was enjoyable and organised extremely professionally and will prove to be a most worthwhile event.”

  • Allium Capital Limited

The style of the meeting leant itself to an open and constructive group debate. We were impressed by the quality of the attendees and their level of engagement in the subject matter.

  • FundsNetwork

(We) really enjoyed it and thought you were all knowledgable and accommodating. The WEBSG session that we were involved in gave us the opportunity to talk and present to senior members of IFA companies in professional surroundings. The membership is excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed the morning and would like to sponsor the event again in the future

  • Artifice Media

I found the open discussion very informative and interesting as in the work I and my team do we always trying to understand the key issues for IFAs and this proved invaluable in this respect

  • AXA Wealth Management

"..I am very appreciative and very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the members and to listen to the various issues that came up in the round table. It was interesting to gain an insight on the kinds of issues that advisers find most relevant at the moment and I picked up a great deal. I was also very gratified by the level of interest generated from the members .."

  • Octopus Investments

Having spoken at a number of 'Broker Clubs' over the years it was a pleasure to be present at a meeting that was well attended, well structured, properly chaired, and ran on time.

  • ThreeSixty

The West End Brokers are an interesting group of well informed and professional IFAs with substantial businesses, spanning a diverse range of financial activities. The monthly meeting provides an opportunity to listen to the issues that matter in the IFA world and to pitch to a proactive group of businessmen who are open to new ideas. I found the meeting refreshing and expect our sponsorship to be profitable.

  • Prospect Wealth Management

We thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and the open debate was very interesting. It helps us to understand the issues that matter to IFAs. In summary we feel it was a very worthwhile investment financially and time to present to a group of such high quality IFAs. We are delighted with the feedback that we received. If the opportunity arises to present (again) we are very interested.

  • Way Investments

MLC's overall experience with the WEBSG was very positive. It was useful sitting in for the first hour to hear the hot discussion items of the group From the limited exposure we've had to the group so far, early indications suggest our presentation was well received and 50% would be regarded as ideal clients

  • Pivotal

I thought the open session was one of the most important features of the Breakfast, for both members and sponsors alike. As the company I work for is extremely niche, it was interesting to see what was concerning IFA's at that particular snapshot in time . It seems to be a worthwhile organisation from both sponsors and members points of view. I hope to be able to sponsor again in the future.

  • NGH (UK) Ltd

Excellent ...very positive...good value...and very valuable both from an industry point of view and to get to "know the audience"

  • Oyster IMS

The open discussion was a unique insight for us. The breadth of topics covered showed how varied and demanding your profession is. We have met with many of the members after the event. Your members mostly operate at the high end of the financial advisory business and are a good fit with our company. The event was good value for money and we would be delighted to present again.

  • Octopus Asset management