Ideas Exchange members exert considerable influence within the industry.

The professional calibre of Ideas Exchange members is high. All have achieved the highest levels of personal qualification within their respective industries. The majority are either Chartered Financial Planners or Certified Financial Planners.

Many of the businesses owned or represented by members are Chartered, meaning all employees are professionally qualified.

In total, these 44 companies:

  • Employ 200+ financial planners and investment advisers
  • Employ 340+ support staff
  • Have turnover in excess of £78m per annum
  • Have assets under administration in excess of £10.5bn
  • Won 83 business awards

The calibre of the current membership is reflected in the following achievements:

  • 4 former winners of "IFA of the year" (2 have won it more than once)
  • 38 personal industry award winners
  • 41 personal award commendations
  • 10 people on industry ‘key influencer‘ lists
  • 7 holders of positions on professional bodies
  • Several published authors and recognised public speakers

With this pedigree, the Ideas Exchange is well positioned to fulfil its mission of shaping personal finance.