The Ideas Exchange has been promoting continuing professional development – over regular breakfast meetings – for over four decades.

The Ideas Exchange is inclusive - across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. Members defend the right of all comers to respectful free-speech. Indeed, the Exchange celebrates multiple approaches and points of view in the belief that diversity creates an environment where thought is provoked and innovation is stimulated.

In the beginning, the qualification for membership was fairly narrow. The group consisted primarily of Independent Financial Adviser business owners (‘brokers‘) operating in the West End of London. These brokers met and shared experiences over breakfast once a month as a means to improve themselves, their businesses and service provision for their clients.

Today, membership of the Ideas Exchange comprises decision makers and business influencers from a much wider segment of the personal finance industry - including financial coaching, financial planning and investment management.

  • 1970s - founded as the ‘West End Breakfast Club’
  • 1990s-2000s - known as the ‘West End Brokers Study Group’.
  • Since 2020 - rebranded as the ‘Ideas Exchange‘, with the mission of: ‘shaping personal finance‘

Members represent businesses from all over the U.K.