The Ideas Exchange unites a group of high achievers who want to achieve even more. The membership is characterised by an open-minded approach to learning and the belief that useful lessons can be drawn from experts from all walks of life and different disciplines.

On the one hand, members are always interested to learn about new developments and tools that are directly related to the financial planning or wealth management space.

On the other, there is an equal desire to hear about complementary/ broader areas of expertise that can also have a part to play in successful business management. For example, topics relating to human resources and team dynamics such as psychology, mental health, social impact or topics that aim to promote ethical and future-proof businesses by addressing subjects like diversity, unconscious bias training, corporate social responsibility and ESG/sustainability themes.

In short, experts from many diverse fields have attended Ideas Exchange breakfasts to educate and inspire members.

Visiting experts tend to deliver their knowledge to the group in the form of a university-style lecture, although other formats are also possible with advance notice.

The key themes of the most recent past meetings are shown below. Collectively the content is industry-leading in professional standards of education.

Family Investment Companies
Progeny Tax & Law
Cyber Escape Room
Met Police
The Society of Advice
The Society of Advice
Growing your business: A personal reflection
Method Grid
B Corp – governance for 21st century businesses
Cash Management
Insignis Cash Solutions
Building high performing virtual teams
Dale Carnegie Training
How to become a Key Person of Influence - so the best opportunities come to you
Nick Elston
Operational Risk Mitigation Services
Perform DC
“Sticky” Probate
Jarrovian Wealth
Applying Emotional and Behavioural Finance
Applied Emotional Finance
The power of story
The Business of Stories
Nextgen Planners (& FSCS levy)
Nextgen Planners (& FSCS levy)
How to use the power of story to stand out from the crowd and grow your business
Standards International
Real Drawdown and the risks involved
What do you do? (Elevator pitch type script)
Anand Associates
The future of the industry – the next 10 years
Foster Denovo
LinkedIn & Digital Marketing for Financial Planners
Holland Hahn & Wills
Digitising the client journey - how advisers’ technology needs to evolve to meet customer needs in 2025
Financial Technology Research Centre
Open ended questions to determine a clients’ true objectives
Holland Hahn & Wills
Get strategic if you want to grow
Brett Davidson
Fees and Costs
Ed Carey
FCA – What we want to tell each other
Head of the Conduct Specialists Department in Supervision FCA
Preparing your heirs – the missing 3rd pillar
Generation Next
The benefits and opportunities of an automated digital client proposition
Welcome to Emotional Intelligence a better indicator of career success
Effective Growth Strategies
Rob Stevenson
How to crack the Tech Stack
Financial Child’s Play
The importance of a good memory
Sancus Retirement Planning
Recruitment – Options & Experience
Wealth Matters