Speakers who offer a service & or skill and can use the event to promote a product or service, are expected to contribute towards the cost of the event, therefore becoming a sponsor

Each event costs in excess of £2600 to stage and speaker/sponsors are required to pay for the breakfast cost component of the total (£1360). Such a payment equates to a business contact cost of £40 per member firm.

Speaker/sponsors are of course at liberty to pay for the entire event, which many elect to do, although this is not compulsory. All payment amounts are published to members.

Your sponsorship can be arranged via the Co-Ordinator before the event through a dedicated group account or can be settled directly with the event Hotel.

During 2019, we are also proud to support Magic Breakfast as our 2019 charity. As we hold breakfast meetings, we have chosen to contribute funds that provide 10 breakfasts, per member, per meeting. We will thus provide 3400 breakfasts for disadvantaged children during 2019. As a speaker/sponsor, we hope you will be able to support this commitment with a supplementary payment that will go straight to this charity. At a cost of 30p per breakfast, any contribution is valuable. (Members collectively pay £102 per meeting = 340 breakfasts) and it would be nice if speaker/sponsors could match this.