The speaker is allotted a time and duration for their presentation. Ordinarily, a time allocation of 60 minutes is given.

As part of the presentation, due consideration should be made for:

  • Presenting technical and generic information about the subject (approx. 50%)
  • Promoting and referencing the sponsor's company product/range & terms (approx. 25%)
  • Allowing time for questions and answers (approx. 25%)

Unless an existing relationship is held with a Group member, first contact is only to be made at the event. This may be followed up freely afterwards.

Handouts, brochures, business cards, etc., may be circulated at the meeting or you may contact members individually as you see fit after the meeting.

Speakers are required to send a copy of any electronic presentation material delivered (i.e. Powerpoint file) to the co-ordinator immediately after the event. This file is then stored, behind a member only firewall, on or Group website as a reference and aide memoire, along with meeting minutes.